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Thank you for visiting the Beyond Opposition website.  Before you start, please take a moment to read about the project and to decide if you want to be involved. See our FAQs for more information about the project.

This questionnaire asks about how your daily life is affected by social, legal and political changes to sexualities and sex/gender, and your relationships with others. It will take a minimum of 15 minutes to complete, however this will depend on how much you want to write. 

Please note that each page on the questionnaire allows you 20 minutes to fill it in and move to the next page before it will time out.

You can leave the questionnaire at any time, however your responses will be deleted unless you press “Continue” or “Submit Questionnaire” before exiting. 

Having listened to people in this research and looked at the questionnaire responses, we have created a new (and we think improved) questionnaire.

This questionnaire asks about people’s personal lives and tackles sensitive subjects, which can be uncomfortable or upsetting. If you find this to be the case, please email the researchers at Alternatively, we have compiled a list of country-specific support organisations here.

Your privacy is important to us. You will not be identified by name at any point in our research and identifying information will be removed from your answers. The project abides by strict GDPR privacy rules, and as such you will be repeatedly asked to confirm that you want to to continue with the questionnaire.

The focus of this questionnaire is about how your daily life is affected by sexual and gender issues. For most people, daily life has changed significantly due to the coronavirus pandemic, especially with movement and travel restrictions in place. The questionnaire therefore asks about your experiences of sexual and gender issues both before and during the current crisis. 

By clicking on the ‘Take the Questionnaire’ button below, I understand that my answers will be used as part of a research project and consent to the privacy and participation policies, as summarised below and explained in full here. You should only take part in this questionnaire if you want to; no one should force you to be involved. The information that you put into this questionnaire will only be used for the purposes of the Beyond Opposition research project. The researchers will strive to ensure that you will not be identified in anything that the project says publicly (see full privacy statement). Publications will not include any names or places that could identify you, though people might recognise you based on what you say and other details you provide. All of the information you provide will be de-identified after 14 days. This means that any identifying information will be removed from your questionnaire responses. Important: You can clear your answers and exit the survey at any point. If you choose to submit, but later change your mind, you can withdraw your answers up to 14 days after submission. If you want this option to be available, you must include your email address when prompted. If you choose not to submit your email address, it is not possible to withdraw your answers and they will remain part of the project. Please note that if your responses indicate evidence of possible harm to yourself or someone else, the research team will waive the project’s confidentiality commitments and inform the relevant authorities. For more information, please see our privacy policy and FAQs.