Welcome to the Beyond Opposition research project.

This project seeks to move ‘Beyond Opposition’ in the face of increasing social polarisation in Ireland, the UK and Canada. It will consider how recent social and legal changes to sexual and gender rights impact different people within these countries. The project will initially focus on the experiences of individuals or groups who do not support these changes. This includes, for example, people who believe that marriage should only occur between men and women and/or that families should be based on a heterosexual union. It also includes those who are concerned about the legalisation of abortion and/or people who disagree with, or question, transgender inclusion policies.

If you identify with any of these beliefs, positions or concerns, please sign up for an interview here.

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This website provides an overview of the project, its ethos, and information on how to stay up to date on our progress. It also invites you to sign up for an interview, which will help us learn more about the experiences of those who are concerned about or opposed to legislative, political or social changes in relation to sexualities and sex/ gender.