Discussion Groups and Artist-Led Workshops

In the second phase of the research, we are holding activities that bring together people with a range of different views on gender, sexualities and/ or abortion. The discussion groups and artist-led workshops will help us to learn and understand how we can live together even when we do not agree. There are two different activities that you can take part in. One is a discussion group with others who hold different positions to you, the other is working with an artist to create a work of art connected to the research themes.

Anybody with an interest or position on the topic of gender, sexualities and/ or abortion can take part in workshops, if they agree to the guidelines. Because the workshops are small, not everybody who wants to take part will be able to.

Discussion groups will last approximately 2 hours and will be carefully moderated.  Refreshments will be provided and you will be given travel expenses and a 25 Euro/Pounds/Canadian Dollars voucher to say thank you for participating. 

Artist-led workshops will last all day, usually 10am-5pm. There will be lunch, refreshments and snacks throughout the day. Refreshments will be provided and you will be given travel expenses and a 50 Euro/Pounds/Canadian Dollars voucher to say thank you for participating. 

Both of the research spaces are designed to allow you to leave if you feel uncomfortable – at each stage there will be a break and you will be able to leave without disturbing anyone or explaining why to anyone.  

Please read more about participating in the workshops here.

If you are interested in taking part, and you are willing to agree to our guidelines, please get in touch with the research team here.

Workshop dates 

Workshops will take place in the following months, with exact dates to be confirmed with participants:

Dublin –  March 2023

Vancouver – May 2023

Glasgow – September 2023

Discussion group and workshop guidelines 

To take part in the research you have to: 

  1. hold positions related to sexuality, gender and/or abortion, and are willing to be in a room, discuss and, for the arts-based workshops, make art with others who hold different views. 
  2. agree to take part, and understand what the research is about and the risks involved. 
  3. agree to work within the guidelines given, this includes using people’s preferred terms, for example calling people pro-life/ pro-choice, and using names/pronouns that people want to use. 
  4. be willing to be involved without trying to debate the issues, convince people that your position is the right one, or change anybody’s minds about their position. 
  5. agree to keep people’s identities, names and other details about the event confidential. That means you can talk about what was said but not who said it. You can tell someone where you are going and when to expect you back but you shouldn’t tell people generally about where the event is or any details about it. 
  6. know that it might be difficult talking about these things with people who don’t agree. There might be tension and arguments. You should have some idea what you might do if you are upset or troubled by this, in ways that respect other people and their privacy. 
  7. be willing to be recorded (audio for discussions and audio/video for art workshops- but you don’t have to be in the camera shot) and to let us keep your contact details to let you know about the workshops. 
  8. be over 18, live in Ireland, Great Britain or Canada, communicate in English and be available to attend the date/time when the workshop is on.

Sign up for Group Research Activities

If you would like to sign up for a group research activity you can contact us using the form below.

Your privacy throughout this process is of the utmost importance. Please see our privacy policy for more information.

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