Conferences and Presentations

Please find following a list of Conference papers, seminars and other research dissemination activities carried out by the Beyond Opposition team:

Kath Browne: ‘From Hegemonic to Where? The public spatialities of shifting positionings for those who are concerned about socio-legal changes in sexualities and genders.’ Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers, Augusts 2022  

Kath Browne: ‘“It’s only when it landed at my door”: Contesting Changes in the New Socio-Legal Realities in Sexualities, Genders and Abortion.’ Recreating the World: Critique, Control and Crisis in New Social Realities, Waterford, March, 2023 

Katie Young: ‘Hearing people out: Feminist ways of listening to opposition.’ British Forum for Ethnomusicology Conference, Edinburgh, April 2023.

Carol Ballantine and Kath Browne: ‘Researching and addressing polarisation around gender, sexuality and abortion. Beyond Opposition: an artistic collaboration.’ Sociology Association of Ireland Annual Conference, UCD Dublin, June 2023

Beyond Opposition Research Symposium: ‘Polarising Sexual and Gendered Lives: Divisions, Differences, and LGBTQI+ Equalities’, UCD Dublin, June 2023 

Katie Young: ‘“I made it weird for everyone”: Reflections from Music-Led Workshops on Divisions around Gender, Sexualities and Abortion.’ EUGEO Congress. Barcelona, September 2023.

Carol Ballantine, Leah Hilliard and Kath Browne: ‘Beyond Opposition: an artistic collaboration.’ International conference for creative research methods, Manchester, September 2023

Kath Browne: ‘Insights from the Beyond Opposition project: Everyday Experiences of those who are opposed to/concerned about socio-legal changes to sexualities/genders/abortion in Ireland, Great Britain and Canada’Lesbian Lives, Brighton, March 2024

Andrew McCartan: ‘“They’re still here… but it’s perfect” Developing theatre for utopian (re)thinking of everyday space in relation to gender, sexuality and abortion’ American Association of Geographers, Honolulu, April 2024