Support Organisations

Discussing these issues and perspectives can be difficult and upsetting. Please stop if you feel upset or overwhelmed. 

If you feel you need support after completing this survey, this list provides options for professional support. It lists the urgent numbers to contact, and also the contact points provided in each country to support mental health issues. 

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For urgent help: Accident & Emergency (A&E) and Emergency GP appointments.

For urgent medical advice: NHS 111 (England) or NHS Direct (Wales).

For details on how to access NHS mental Health services, including GP access, see here:

The Government website Time to Change lists key organisations that can help:


For urgent help you can go to Accident and Emergency or contact 999 or 112 and see this HSE page for more information:

HSE mental health support and guidance:

You can also contact your GP for support (a list of GPs near you can be found at:


For urgent help call 911. 

Mental Health services and support options listed by the Government of Canada: