Facebook Lead Ad Privacy Policy

The Beyond Opposition research project uses Facebook Lead Ads on our Facebook advertisements when advertising to invite you to participate in research activities. If you submit data to Beyond Opposition through a Facebook Lead Ad, such data will be governed by our Privacy Policy outlined here. We will use your preferred name and email address to send an email to you with an invitation to a research activity, and additional information about the research process, via our official project email address. 

We use Facebook Lead Ads as it is an easy way if you are interested in participating in a research activity to provide your preferred name, email address, and to confirm that you are over the age of 18 without having to leave Facebook. We use the information you provide (your preferred name and email address) in order to contact you from our research project email address to organise the research activities (discussion groups/ artist-led workshops/ interviews). The email we will send to you will also include information about the interview in the form of an information sheet and consent form. Once we have emailed you, your email address and name you provided via the Facebook Lead Ad, as well as any subsequent correspondence between you and the Beyond Opposition email account, will be stored in the Beyond Opposition email account. While the initial email sent to you (that includes your provided name and email address) as well as any subsequent email correspondence between you and the Beyond Opposition email account will be stored in the email account, we will not save your name and email address as a contact in the Beyond Opposition email account. 

You can choose at any point to not participate in a research activity by letting us know by email that you would not like to participate. If you wish for us to delete your email correspondence with Beyond Opposition (including your email, name, initial email sent to you, and any subsequent correspondence between you and the Beyond Opposition email account) please reply to our email, or send a new email to the Beyond Opposition email address we have contacted you from, and inform us that we should delete your data. We will reply to confirm that we will delete your information immediately, and will subsequently delete all email correspondence between you and Beyond Opposition stored in our email inbox and sent folders. From this point forward we will have no way of contacting you regarding information about interview participation.

Beyond Opposition will not share the information you provide (such as your name and email address) to any third party. Once you submit your name and email via the Facebook Lead Ad, that data will be accessible to us via our Facebook Advertising Management Account. We will email you within one week of the end of the advertisement that you have responded to via the Facebook Lead Ad. Your selected first name and email address will be subsequently deleted from the Facebook Advertising Management Account once the data has been used for the purpose intended (i.e. emailing you regarding an invitation for a research activity). 

In the case of Facebook Lead Ads, both Facebook and Beyond Opposition are data controllers. As a result, both Facebook and Beyond Opposition are responsible for ensuring compliance by providing notice and establishing a legal basis for processing the data provided by a person using our platform. Facebook may use Lead Ad data as permitted by its data policy including to prefill future Facebook Instant Forms that you may be presented with. If you provide data to us via a Facebook Lead Ad prefill field, in this case your email address, Facebook will keep that information and may furthermore use it to populate Facebook forms on your behalf. If a prefill field cannot be populated by Facebook using either Facebook or Instagram account information, then that prefill field will be blank. If you offer your email address here, your information may be saved by Facebook (Meta) for future use. 

Facebook Lead Ad data is provided to Facebook by individuals with their permission to share the data with a specific advertiser, in this case the Beyond Opposition research project. Facebook uses the data from the Lead Form according to its Data Policy and Beyond Opposition is permitted to use the data you share with us according to our privacy policy outlined here. Facebook will use the information you submit through this Lead Form, subject to its data policy. Please note that the email address field is one of the ‘prefill’ question fields for Facebook Lead Ads, and so this information will be saved and used by Facebook. We have used Facebook Lead Ad ‘custom questions’ for your preferred name and to ask if you are over the age of 18. Facebook does not use information from an advertiser’s ‘custom questions’. You can read more about this here.

Please note that participation in a research activity is voluntary. When we use your preferred name and email address to contact you via our official project email address, you will be provided with additional information regarding the Beyond Opposition research process as well as a consent form that you must review and sign prior to the activity taking place. You may ask questions regarding the information sheet and consent form prior to signing the consent form by email or by arranging a time for a conversation by phone call or a video platform with the Beyond Opposition research team. If you have any questions or concerns regarding how we store your Facebook Lead Ad data, you can also contact us regarding your questions or concerns.

We will not be in a position to contact you of any policy changes as we will not store your email to do so, however the Beyond Opposition privacy policy will always be updated on the Beyond Opposition website with the date of the most recent update stated under ‘Changes to Our Privacy Policy’. You can find the Beyond Opposition privacy policy here.